More Pick-up Games

Quick update here as we are in the middle of packing up our apartment. I went to pick up on Thursday morning to get in some playing time.  It was also my last day at work since Liz and I will be moving very shortly. It was an early morning skate at 5:30am so I... Continue Reading →

BIG NEWS + Goalie Lesson

Hey Guys!! So this post will be two-fold. First, the usual break down of our lesson on Tuesday. And second, I have some big news to share..... but I'll keep the suspense building on that for a while longer. For the lesson, we had our usual warm up and then worked a lot on post-to-post... Continue Reading →

Goalie Lesson: A Commentary

Hey Guys!! So as opposed to doing our usual analysis of our lesson, Colin and I chose to mix it up a bit! We recorded our lesson and did a commentary of it (with the help of a little wine). Buckle your seat belts, as it is quite a long video! Hope you guys enjoy!... Continue Reading →

Finally Got Some Playing Time

So I finally got around to getting to a few pick-up games lately to really test out the new pads and get some game time. I really haven’t wanted to go back to beer league since my last experience with it, and honestly I need to get a bit better before I feel fully confident... Continue Reading →

Stick Time Practice Video

Hey Guys!! So today Colin and I went to stick time to work on some skating/skill stuff. We focused a lot on slides, rebounds, and t-pushes. Per usual, we did this the morning after leg day so please do not be too critical over our form or lack of endurance while doing these drills. IT... Continue Reading →

Little Goalie Exercise Video (FUN!)

Hey guys! This isn't the full-fledged post you're all used to at this point, just an intermittent post until the next real hockey lesson/game comes up (stay tuned for Sunday's pickup). ANYWAYS, as Colin and I have gotten back into the swing of things, in terms of our workouts and diets, one thing we agreed... Continue Reading →

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