I Got Pulled From Practice?!

Okay so yesterday we had another lesson with Reed and I was already feeling like it might not be the greatest practice session. My body is still very tired from Sunday at the goalie clinic and, in addition, we also drove to LA and back Sunday afternoon so, to say the least, I was feeling... Continue Reading →

Goalie Clinic on Sunday

So Colin and I attended our first goalie clinic together on Sunday (yesterday).  We went into it a little unsure what to expect because we know that our coach works with a lot of kids and upper level goalies.  Turns out, we were the oldest participants and most of the goalies who attended were between... Continue Reading →

Arrival & Testing

So the Passau pads have finally arrived! It took a little longer than expected probably because it is custom gear. Nothing major there. I'll tell you though seeing the "Out for Delivery" notice on the tracking page of the post office was exciting but also agonizing  as I had to wait until mid-afternoon for them... Continue Reading →

Progress & Workouts on the Fly

How’s it going guys, so we are in week three of the prep phase of our cutting plan, and it is going pretty well for the most part. Figured I would just write a quick update on the progress so far.  The one down side is that I’ve stagnated a bit on the weight loss... Continue Reading →

Starting the Plan

So I know posting on here has been non-existent lately, but there have been a lot of things going on in our lives to really keep up to date with posting regularly. To keep you filled in goalie practice continues to go well, but I have not played any games as of late.  Mainly because... Continue Reading →

Finally Used The Sherwood!

(Liz here): So yesterday I had my first lesson with my new stick! It should’ve been a few weeks ago but I had a concussion and couldn’t play due to a headache and some continued nausea. (Before you ask, no, I didn’t get the concussion from playing hockey). So here’s this very overdue post: I... Continue Reading →

Liz’s New Stick!!

Hey Guys! (Liz here) So today Colin bought me a new stick!! It's the Sherwood BPM150 with the PP41 curve and 26" paddle. I was sort of half in the market for a new stick but wasn't 100% sure I'd need one immediately. Basically, the way I play (probably a product of being small in... Continue Reading →

No post in a while…?

Hey guys! So not that anyone really reads this, but I thought we should clue you in as to why there hasn't been a hockey post in a little while. Colin and I were recently in Syracuse, NY for a school function.  Actually getting to Syracuse turned out to be quite the adventure, and a... Continue Reading →


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