cropped-img_0128.jpgJust your average Beer league schmo who started playing hockey after he left the Marine Corps in 2013. Got a degree in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) and working on my MBA currently, focusing on marketing.  I started as a skater (defenseman mostly) and then decided to join a special class of people who think stopping pucks is fun.  Tried it once and was hooked, and am now working weekly to become a better goalie.


17757580_10212764157721439_3051537881679129298_nJust your average Beer league schmo-ette (and better looking) who started playing almost 3 years ago. My BA is in Sociology and I’m currently working towards a Masters degree in Communications/PR. I started “playing” hockey 5 years ago in an adult learn-to-play clinic and realized that playing in net was what I really wanted to do. I saved up the money and bought all the gear and that was that. Now Colin and I work every week to become better goalies (assuming I get out of bed at 4:30 am).


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