A Return to Hockey

Its been a while…

So, last time we spoke I was frustrated with some things that had happened at the rink. It took some time and a little bit of reflection, but I’ve been getting back on the ice for a month or so now. Now understand I’m not going to sit here and talk to you about some great epiphany that I had, far from it .

What am here to speak about is mental health. For years I’ve suffered from it, without wanting to seek help for it. I was in denial and I didn’t want to admit I was suffering from depression or even had a problem. You see to me, I always felt my needs were secondary if not tertiary to everything else. Combine that with the stress I was putting myself under, whether it was leaving the military, college or finding work I always put my needs last in comparison to those things.

I’ve only been playing goalie for two full years, but I know from experience and from what others have expressed that it is mental game. I guess part of my frustration was that I needed to work through a few things before I could clear my head and play hockey.

So long story short, I needed to clear my head, get away from hockey, and for those of you that may be feeling depressed or feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to please reach out and seek help.

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