New Town, New Ice

Alright, it’s been a while since I lasted posted here and it’s mainly due to the fact that Liz and I were waiting on our gear to get here from our cross-country move.  So once we finally received our gear, thankfully all in one piece, I went to the local rink to test the waters.

All in one piece

Side Note: shipping gear across the country is a pain in the ass logistically and I was very thankful to see the gear once it arrived.

The local rink where we are (The Rinks at Exeter) is much closer to us than the rinks located where we used to live in the past. When living in San Diego the rink was about 45 minutes away at best, and about the same in Los Angeles. Needless to say we are quite happy with the accessibility of the rink. The rink itself is quite nice, and serves many of the youth hockey programs and prep schools in the area. It also serves as the home rink for Bauer Hockey, where they film their marketing and promotional material (kinda cool).

The both skates went well, but I could tell there was quite a bit of rust that needed to be worked off.  A month off of the ice will do that to you. I focused mainly on skating and edge work, as its a fundamental part of any goalie’s game, and I focus more on individual skills rather than stopping shots during stick time practices.  Shooters at stick time sessions can vary widely so it’s hard to get any consistent practice with blocking shots, because you will get some guys who want to practice their best head-hunting slapshot from point blank range, or their best attempts at imitating Pavel Datsyuk, and everything in between. I hopped in net for a bit during a small 3v3 pick up game that started. It was fun, but I could definitely feel the burn in the legs much sooner than I had anticipated, so that will be an area to focus on in the coming weeks.

For my skating work I generally like to form it into repeatable patterns that I can use to set up repetitions and sets of movements, in a similar vein as gym workouts. I’ve attached a copy of what some of the drills look like below, for those interested.

Skating Drills for Goalie

So overall it was good to be back on the ice and playing again. There is some work to be done both on and off the ice to get back to where I want to be, but I look forward to the challenge. I also decided to try the butterfly challenge which is 14 day stretching program designed to stretch the hips to allow for a wider butterfly flare.  It was created by Maria Mountain of, if you want to see it what it looks like. I figured I’d give it a try and see if it actually lives up to the hype.

Alright so just a quick update for you now that we are up and running in our new place. I should be able to add more content as time goes. Until next time.

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