First Full Week as a Pro-Hockey Intern

Hey Guys!! It’s obviously been a a while since we wrote anything on here so I figured it was time to correct that situation. I mentioned a while back that I received an offer for and accepted a public relations & social media internship with the Los Angeles Kings’ ECHL affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs. So Colin and I packed up our lives and moved to New Hampshire so I could do this internship. Now, I’ve completed a full week of going into the office and have worked 2 games and here are my thoughts:

-The ECHL is crazy! I knew it wasn’t going to be seamless for games and that employees wear 100 different hats, but you don’t really get what that means until you’re in it. My boss is the head of PR, the only paid member of that department, works as a group sales rep, and is also the broadcaster for the team, which is what he really wants to be doing. There are 2 other PR team members, but both are unpaid and come in part time, which makes sense. There are 4 of us interns, but 1 is only there about 30% of the time and another one is leaving midway through the season. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot already and will continue to learn a ton.

Two of the jobs I’ve had already during games (in addition to distributing game notes, setting up the press boxes and officials’ rooms, helping out with media credential distribution, posting game rosters, etc.) have been live tweeting game updates and writing the game story. Tweeting was super fun, and as you may know, social media management is really what I want to be doing, it’s what I enjoy most. So that was a great fit. This Wednesday, I’ll actually be live tweeting for the team from home based on the live stream of the game (since they’ll be away). Writing the game story wasn’t too bad but it was a bit hectic trying to remember and keep track of each goal that was scored, by whom, and the time at which it happened. I’m a decent writer so that part was fine, but I’d never written that type of story before so it’ll take some getting used to.

All in all I’m really enjoying the work so far and the other interns, and the “staff.” Tomorrow I’m going in to take pictures around the arena for promotional purposes and I’ll actually get to go onto the ice which will be pretty cool! I’ll keep you guys posted on more fun activities that go down and other fun things I’ll be doing!

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