2 Hour Goalie Lesson!

Hey Guys!! So today Colin and I, for our last lesson with Reed, did a 2 hour long lesson. I’ve never done longer than a split one hour session so let me tell you, that was a workout! But it was a workout in more ways than one… I know that’s a cheesy way to segway but Colin and I both really struggled during the first half of the lesson and we both really had to push through a lot of mental crap in order to get some positive results from the lesson. For me, I was crying by the end of the 2nd drill and was worried I wouldn’t be able to get through the rest of the lesson. Though, I was determined to push through the mental stuff about not doing well and everything else because I refused to let this final lesson with Reed end on a negative note.

I think Colin and I both feel like once we got over the “first period jitters” as it were, we were able to get a good amount of practice in and really worked some good skills. Reed upped the intensity and brought out some new props (like a rebounder) which added some new drills to the mix which is always fun!

Reed’s business, RK Goalies (@rkgoalies) is starting to gain some traction and so he’s been recording all of his lessons to post content on his social media (and also to send to his goalies so they can see what’s working and what’s not). So instead of dragging on and on about what we did, I figured I’d show you. Gotta love the first 2 shots I took in the warm up— straight to the face, or as Reed said, kill shots. For real I want to try to make a gif out of them!

So without further ado: our 2 hour lesson video. Please take pity on us as you watch the first ~7 minutes, it was a struggle there for a minute

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