New Workouts

Hey Guys! (I realize I always start every post I write with “hey guys!”..oh well). ANYWAYS I wanted to break from some of the hockey stuff and take a minute to write about a new workout routine Colin and I have been trying. For those who follow me on Instagram (@badassgoalie_liz) you’ve seen these already, and I apologize for the repetition.

Basically this new workout of ours is Brad Pitt’s workout that he did to get prepared for his role in “Troy,” playing Achilles. He’s said this of the workout “It was tougher than my Fight Club workout routine.” We’ve only done two days of it so far, but I can definitely believe Mr. Pitt when he says that it was tough– I’m so sore! The unique thing about this workout is that there’s no set reps or sets. The only guideline was pick a weight you could comfortably do 12-15 reps with, but you’re really done with the exercise once you start to hit failure and you feel like you’ve “killed it.” The other thing is that all these exercises are meant to be done in circuits. Colin and I followed the guidelines for the weights, keeping the weight low and reps high, but we didn’t do circuits because this was such an ass-kicker we needed the rest.


This is the first workout we did: Chest & Shoulders. We did this on Friday and my chest muscles are STILL sore. I’ve never done dive bombers or advanced flys before, and trust me, they will work upper body like no other!

For those who aren’t aware, here is a video tutorial from Brad Pitt’s trainer of how to execute advanced chest flys:


Last night, we did the leg workout. OH. MY. GOD. I’m soooo sore! It hurts to walk, sit, stand, do mostly anything. I can honestly say I don’t think my booty has ever gotten such a good workout.


We added RDL’s to this workout on our own, it wasn’t part of the original plan, because we felt there was too heavy a quad emphasis and we didn’t want to leave out the hamstrings. Also, we did really low weight for the leg extensions since this machine can have really bad effects on one’s ACL.

Overall, I’m excited to keep going with this workout. Combined with our new Paleo diet plan, I think that once we get consistent we’ll be really happy with the results. If any of you try this workout, I’d love to know your thoughts, leave a comment!

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