Pickup: First game in ~6 months!

Hey guys! So this morning Colin and I went to a pick-up session, my first “game” in about 6 months. I was rusty to say the least. I always forget how much beer-leaguers forget about defense and how their shot choices are … unconventional to say the least.

For my playing: As I said, definitely rusty. I felt like I knew what I was supposed to be doing per each scenario because of how I practice with Reed, but when second shooters + no defense are incorporated, I found myself struggling a little to keep up. Also, beer-league shots are unpredictable (both to the shooter and the goalie) so reading shots was harder for the less advanced players on the ice. Not trying to make excuses, but when a player has a good hard shot, you can tell where it’s going vs. a slow lob to the net is a little less predictable. So overall, I didn’t feel like I was playing my best. Obviously, being away from actual game play for a while played a big role in this.  I think Colin and I might try a different pick-up next week just cause neither of us really vibed with the people there.

One thing you learn really quickly as a female goaltender playing with men is that in almost every game situation, you’re going to encounter at least one guy who has a problem with it, or makes some sort of sexist remark. Although not said to me directly, Colin told me after the game that one of the guys on the bench asked him what girl goalies are called, and if we’re referred to as “goalie-ettes.” It’s always frustrating encountering these types of players, but you learn to accept it and simply try to play your best and not let it get to you. Sometimes, it’s easier said than done.

Colin also dealt with a fair share of asshole-ery.  As mentioned previously, beer-leaguers often times don’t have a lot of control over their shots or understand their positioning and shot selection. Today, Colin got 3 shots to the head (while standing) because one player continually kept shooting high. On the last shot of the game, this particular player took a slapshot from the hash-marks and it hit Colin (again, standing) in the throat. Colin went off on the guy for doing such a dick move. Admittedly, he overreacted a bit, but for a pick-up game there’s truly no reason to take such a shot when the score and outcome of the game mean nothing. The guy later came into the locker room to apologize but it was very back-handed. He made a comment like “Well, you’re a goalie, it happens.” This irked Colin further because while, yes, we get hits to the head (I got one today, too), 3 by the same person is a lot and there’s absolutely no situation where a slapshot from the hash-marks that hits a 6’3″ standing goalie is reasonable for a pick-up game in its final minutes.

All in all, not a great day for us in the crease, and I don’t think we’ll be joining this group of guys for a game again anytime soon. I think next week we’ll try a different pick-up, as I mentioned, and hopefully 1) I have a better game and continue to bust some rust, 2) Colin has a better gamel and 3) there’s a distinct lack of assholes. As always, we’ll let you know how that turns out.

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