More Pick-up Games

Quick update here as we are in the middle of packing up our apartment. I went to pick up on Thursday morning to get in some playing time.  It was also my last day at work since Liz and I will be moving very shortly.

It was an early morning skate at 5:30am so I was a little rusty when the game first started but slowly it got better.  I also recently had my blades sharpened so the first couple of minutes were interesting as I adjusted.  When Liz took the skates in to get them sharpened the guy working at the pro shop said they were definitely due for a fresh cut. For those wondering Liz and I get our blades done at 7/16.

As the game wore on I got more confident with my movements and save selection.  As always, I let in the occasional stinker but I noticed that the lessons we have done with Reed are really paying off now.  Still need to work on getting lower in my stance, and engaging the core a bit more, but overall I could feel the improvement.

So all in all  it was a good time and there weren’t any assholes playing which is always a nice thing.  Although I did have one who decided to try a slapshot from the hashmarks. In the time we have left here in the area I will try to make it out to more of the pick up games now that I have the time.

I guess that’s about it for now.

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