BIG NEWS + Goalie Lesson

Hey Guys!!

So this post will be two-fold. First, the usual break down of our lesson on Tuesday. And second, I have some big news to share….. but I’ll keep the suspense building on that for a while longer.

For the lesson, we had our usual warm up and then worked a lot on post-to-post and post-to-top-of-crease drills with two shots (and sometimes three shots). I can’t really say the drills were all that complicated but I think Colin and I both had a lot of fun on the ice and it definitely served as a stress relief.  One thing Reed really stressed this week was speed.

IMG_5394One thing I noticed about my stance is that my positioning and general stance look pretty good. However, I’m starting to feel like my glove and blocker might be too small. I keep getting shots to my fingers on my blocker side, resulting in some very nice bone bruises. Also, I’m not sure if you can see in the photo but my glove looks tiny and points almost towards the right-hand boards. (That’s not good!) I’m debating ordering a custom set of senior sized gloves with intermediate palms. We’ll see.. I wish there was a way to test them out first, but of course there’s not.


I don’t want to speak for Colin but I think he had a pretty good lesson too! I got this sick action shot of him making a glove save!

Overall, I think both of us had a productive lesson and got some good practice in. Usually Reed asks us what we want to work on, but this lesson he didn’t, he just jumped right in. That’s where my big news comes in.


WE’RE MOVING TO THE EAST COAST! I got a job with an ECHL team in the PR department and so we’re officially moving in October! Colin is tagging along and we’re starting the packing process now. We told Reed on Tuesday the exciting news and while he was supportive, I could tell he was sad, too. I’m sad to be leaving an amazing coach who has taught us a ton. I think the reason he didn’t ask what we wanted to work on and just jumped in with drills is that he wanted to just have a good, solid, fun lesson (which it was!)

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