Finally Got Some Playing Time

So I finally got around to getting to a few pick-up games lately to really test out the new pads and get some game time. I really haven’t wanted to go back to beer league since my last experience with it, and honestly I need to get a bit better before I feel fully confident doing so.

First and foremost, the games, they were fun to play and it was good to get some playing time in. That being said I did get lit up in two of the three games I was playing in. There were some higher level shooters in these games and to be fair the other goalies weren’t fairing much better. As we know you can’t expect there to be any sort of competent defense in pick-up games, but that wasn’t really the cause.  I realized that its more about putting it all together to be able to play. In some ways things were easier but my game sense isn’t there yet and I need more playing time to fully feel prepared.

It sometimes looks like I know what I’m doing.  Although it looks as if my gloves are remaining too low. 

The pads have so far been amazing and the 90 degree break glove was the best move I could’ve made in terms of upgrading my equipment. The pads are solid and after some break in and adjustments they’ve exceeded all expectations.

I read an article by Ingoal magazine where they interviewed NHL goalie Carter Hutton who advocated for goalies to train in game like scenarios rather than get too used to goalie centric practice mindset experienced in private lessons.   I’m starting to become a firm believer in that, and in order to do that I will try to make it to more weekly pick-up games, in addition to practicing.  The article can be found here.

After that game Liz wanted to go to stick time to practice on our own.  She also needed to film some stuff for her grad school class.  You can check out the end result in the previous post. (Link:

After reviewing the footage, I noticed a few things. First I really need to work more on the skating aspects of my game, and I mean badly.  I need to; increase the hip hinge to get lower to the ice in my stance, work on improving my core stability when sliding, improve my balance and form when executing a butterfly side to the left, and I need to work on preventing my body from rotating when performing a power push.

Since this was the first time I brought the camera out to a practice, I will probably do so in the future so I can continue to monitor my improvements. Moving forward, this just means a lot of practice on our own to work on skating. For me at least, it means also working to improving my flexibility so I can get my body to work the way I want it to. Also I want to consider changing my hand position when in my stance from the photos my gloves look like they may be sitting too low.

On a positive note I was really proud of Liz, she’s finally getting her power pushes down.  It’s been a bit tricky to master, but she’s definitely getting them.

Until next time.

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