Montreal Canadiens Stadium

So this past weekend, Colin and I were in Montreal for my family’s reunion. It’s something we do every 2 years and it’s always hosted where someone in the family lives. This year, it was in Montreal.  I had been before, many years ago with my parents, but Colin had never been to Canada before. In fact, this was his first time out of the country for a non-military related adventure.

Being the hockey fanatics we are, it’s no surprise that visiting the Bell Centre was on our list of things to do.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon and went to the stadium Friday morning for the stadium tour we reserved.  It was super cool to see the stadium, the suspended catwalk press gallery, press conference room, and locker rooms.

I think my favorite part of the tour was seeing where, the legend himself, Cary Price sits. IMG_5116.jpg

That seat on the end, right by the doors. That’s where Price sits. SO COOL!!!!

Since I’m sure you’ll want to see some other pictures from the stadium:



This one (below) might require some context. THAT’S THE ICE! It was being converted because RadioHead had a concert scheduled for this week. I had seen the ice like this before, but if you haven’t it’s pretty cool to see how they break down the boards and everything. IMG_5111.JPG

Anyways, that’s sort of it. Since we haven’t posted any lesson or game related posts recently, I figured you guys deserved an update.

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