I Got Pulled From Practice?!

Okay so yesterday we had another lesson with Reed and I was already feeling like it might not be the greatest practice session. My body is still very tired from Sunday at the goalie clinic and, in addition, we also drove to LA and back Sunday afternoon so, to say the least, I was feeling tired and not ready for that 4 am wake up call for our lesson.  Anyways, we hit the ice and warmup went pretty well. I’ve finally started to nail down my blocker deflections (I used to punch out as opposed to just redirecting the puck to the corner) and I was even able to pick up my speed for several of the recovery drills.

We did several drills and I was doing alright but in the last drill that incorporated a second shooter (A teenage kid on the ice that Reed enlisted to help out) I tired out really quickly. My skate had been loose and, as a result, I was landing funky on my knee blocks and, although I didn’t know it yet, I also sprained my ankle. I wasn’t able to finish my last rep on the drill and so Reed let me rest and did a few more drills with Colin. After a few minutes I felt like I could go back and finish but Reed ended the lesson with Colin, not letting me hop back in net. I seriously thought I had gotten pulled out of practice because I wasn’t doing well enough.

Now, I know there’s no crying in hockey but I got into the locker room and just couldn’t help it. I felt like I completely sucked and had disappointed our coach at the same time. When Colin asked me what was wrong, I just simply said, “I got pulled from practice!” Colin revealed then that during my last drill he could tell that I was hurting.  Apparently I have an obvious way I get up when I’m starting to reach muscle failure or something is wrong. I guess I was starting to do that (not surprising, given how much my ankle hurt after getting my skates off), but I hadn’t realized it was happening. Reed and Colin talked while I was in net and both agreed that I probably was done for the day. I hadn’t been pulled for sucking, I was pulled because any more tough drills and I probably would’ve injured myself further.

I’m very hard on myself so I’m still a little disappointed that I couldn’t finish the drills but I know that Reed just had my safety in mind. Before getting off the ice he told me I did a good job and that it was a productive practice. I still only half believe that but I am proud of myself for upping the speed on some of the harder recovery drills like RVH on the Post and pushing to the top of the crease.  In the future I think I need to just pace myself a bit better so I don’t completely tire out 3/4 of the way through the lesson. I guess I was feeling the need to prove myself after that pretty embarrassing goalie clinic where I literally died.

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