Progress & Workouts on the Fly

How’s it going guys, so we are in week three of the prep phase of our cutting plan, and it is going pretty well for the most part. Figured I would just write a quick update on the progress so far.  The one down side is that I’ve stagnated a bit on the weight loss front.  So far I have lost about 5 pounds but I’m holding steady at that weight. We’ve been sticking to the diet and the calories are below the max allowed according to our TDEE calculations. I’m a little stuck so as with other things in my life, it’s back to the drawing board. I feel like it could be that a lot of the exercises are designed to build strength with set and rep ranges predominantly in the 5×5 category so changing the rep ranges to be more of an endurance range say 4×10 might help.  Additionally, I intend to make it a habit to do at least 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical every day.

I did try to some box lacrosse the other weekend, which is lacrosse played on an indoor soccer or roller rink. It is certainly more fast paced than field lacrosse and a lot of the game play reminded me of hockey. The only downside was that I was gassed by about half way in to the game.  Still had a ton of fun though.

Me, slowly making my up field playing box lacrosse. Photo creds to Liz.

In terms of hockey and our exploits as goalies, we had a lesson this past Tuesday working on a lot of recovery to feet after a shot and some game like scenarios. It was a good lesson, and Liz did really well. Since starting with our coach she has made a lot of improvement. Our coach did recommend we start incorporating more plyometric training in to our workouts.  His reasoning was that we are getting stronger, but now need to start working on gaining the speed of movement. I still intend to take the go pro out one of these days to shoot our individual workouts we do on ice, which is more of a HIIT style workout.  More to come on that front.

Yesterday I had to create an ad hoc workout as Liz, wasn’t feeling like going to the gym because she needed another day to recover from the goalie lesson. Since she and I are going through the cutting program together I wasn’t going to do the program workout without her.  So here is the workout I came up with.

Leg Press  5×5

Romanian Deadlift 5×5

Dips  5×5

Barbell Overhead Press 3×10

Single Leg Box Jumps 5×5

Lateral Box jumps 5×5

SL kneel downs 5×5

Elliptical – 10min

It was definitely a good workout and I’m feeling it today. Alright well I think that’s gonna be it for this time.

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