Not Made of Pancakes?!

Alright so as part of the efforts to become a better goalie, and just for my own personal health I need to get back into going to the gym regularly. When I say get back into it, I mean regular attendance of at least 3 times a week or more.   When I joined the Marine Corps in 2005 I got in to the habit of going to the gym every day of the work week and playing sports regularly.  Ever since I got out my attendance of the gym has been in steady decline to the point where I stopped going entirely for the last 5 months. As it stands I’m in a weird state of being (slightly) in shape enough to play a game of hockey with regularity and be able to exercise without issue at the gym, however, I am overweight by about 75lbs and need to get back in to shape for my own physical wellbeing. I currently weigh about 270lbs and would like to get down to about 195-200lbs.

My decision to get in to shape is fueled by three things;

  1. I missed the gym and missed feeling I get when I lift or run. My girlfriend also wanted to get back in to the gym because she missed it as well so this worked out perfectly.
  2. I recently noticed the difficulty I had in finding clothes that fit me because of my weight and I was depressed when I saw what sizes I actually fit in to.
  3. Finally, I want to lose weight so I can compete not just as a goalie, but so I can get back in to my other sports of lacrosse and soccer.

So in addition to covering my progress in becoming a better goalie, I will also be tracking my weight loss and fitness goals. This will include my workouts, stretching, and injury prevention routines. All told it will just be a chronicling of me trying to lose my beer belly and trying to keep from getting injured further.  The ultimate goal is to not be a goalie made of pancakes.

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