Passau Pads Review

So I've had my Passau pads for about 8 months now, and I figured it would be a good time to complete in depth review. Passau is a company that creates completely custom goalie equipment, and they pride themselves on their customer service. They lived up to the name, mostly, though I did have some... Continue Reading →

A Return to Hockey

Its been a while... So, last time we spoke I was frustrated with some things that had happened at the rink. It took some time and a little bit of reflection, but I've been getting back on the ice for a month or so now. Now understand I'm not going to sit here and talk... Continue Reading →

First Full Week as a Pro-Hockey Intern

Hey Guys!! It's obviously been a a while since we wrote anything on here so I figured it was time to correct that situation. I mentioned a while back that I received an offer for and accepted a public relations & social media internship with the Los Angeles Kings' ECHL affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs. So... Continue Reading →

2 Hour Goalie Lesson!

Hey Guys!! So today Colin and I, for our last lesson with Reed, did a 2 hour long lesson. I've never done longer than a split one hour session so let me tell you, that was a workout! But it was a workout in more ways than one... I know that's a cheesy way to... Continue Reading →

New Workouts

Hey Guys! (I realize I always start every post I write with "hey guys!"..oh well). ANYWAYS I wanted to break from some of the hockey stuff and take a minute to write about a new workout routine Colin and I have been trying. For those who follow me on Instagram (@badassgoalie_liz) you've seen these already,... Continue Reading →

Pickup: First game in ~6 months!

Hey guys! So this morning Colin and I went to a pick-up session, my first "game" in about 6 months. I was rusty to say the least. I always forget how much beer-leaguers forget about defense and how their shot choices are ... unconventional to say the least. For my playing: As I said, definitely... Continue Reading →

Penultimate Lesson with Reed

Today was our second-to-last lesson with Reed (very bittersweet!) It was a super fun lesson and we did some new drills! We started with the usual warm-up.  For the first drill, we started on the post, came up at an angle to the top of the crease, t-pushed to center and received a shot.  For... Continue Reading →

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